Galt Herald

This project was referred to us from a past client.  The old Galt Herald newspaper building in Galt, CA was being remodeled.  This metal building was built without insulation and was extremely uncomfortable and drafty. The new owners needed both insulation and a new finished look.  It also needed to be done on a budget!  Drywall on the ceiling was out of the question. What is the best way to insulate an old metal building like this?

We proposed our “pinstripe look”.  Fully insulated ceiling with a hefty R-30 covered in our Black vinyl insulation.

The transformation was amazing.  The temperature difference inside was amazing, even before the heating and air conditioning was up and running.

Our galvanized wire set against the black vinyl and the red iron roof purlins and beams turned out beautifully.

We are looking forward to seeing this new business open to the public soon for a full transformation including new paint and flooring.

Auto body repair shop

The auto body repair shop contacted us because they were in dire need of insulation repair. Bobby was tired of the old insulation constantly falling, making a mess, setting off the motion alarm system at night and generally looking rough and unprofessional. Previous insulation contractors had told him the only option was either a complete removal of the insulation. Said “it can’t be repaired”.

Removal of the insulation would have made a whole new set of problems. Condensation from a lack of insulation on the underside of the metal roof and soaring summertime temperatures would have been the result. Additionally, this is an active, busy, local repair shop. Work simply could not be done during business hours.

Once we came to look at the work I knew that this could be done. It needed to be done. Over two days we were able to completely restore this business’s insulation back to like new. The final product looks amazing and solved all the problems without the auto body crew getting behind on their work. We are proud of how this job turned out and have done many more just like it.

Wong Warehouse

Owners of this warehouse came to us for a second opinion after they received a quote for spray foam.  They were also led to believe that spray foam was the only way the building would be able to be comfortable.  I explained how we could fit full R-38 insulation in their 2×8 roof joists with the aid of black scrim facing.  This doubled as a solution for how to make the building look better, where as spray foam would have been unpleasant to look at.  The finished project looked beautiful, came in way under budget and made a very comfortable space that does not take a fortune to heat or cool.

Vac Out at Tuxedo Ave

This is Mr. K’s home.  His home was built in 19XX and was in much need of both air sealing and better attic insulation.  The home was very seasonally uncomfortably hot and cold and drafty.

We inspected the home and found that the home had a lot of air leakage through the ceilings as well as interior walls in the home that were hollow from the floor straight up into the attic which is both a major source on convection and conduction loss for the home.

Mr K had many can lights that we retrofitted TENMAT can light covers before air sealing those too.  To perform all this we had to first vacuum out all the old insulation.  Prior to insulation removal we did not know the full extent of the attic.  We sealed all the small and large penetrations with rigid board and expansion foam before installing a new 13” thick blanket of loosefill fiberglass.

The difference on a home attic retrofit like this is amazing and immediate.